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Let us help you refine your idea and bring it to life. Our team has successfully launched brands including our very own.

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We are a one stop shop from ideation to the completion of your manufactured  apparel product.  We have an in house design team dedicated to helping you refine your idea and bring it to life. We specialize in ready to wear, couture, wedding and swim apparel.

Pattern & Sample Making


We develop patterns from original sketches, photographs, rub-offs and spec sheets.  Using our patterns or yours, we can create your samples.  We make prototypes and samples to test fits for your initial marketing. We provide free consulting services to accompany your product development.


We are able to source U.S.A. made fabrics, embellishments, trims and use our negotiated reduced fabric rates with our wholesalers.  Our cutting, stitching, and assembly staff can produce your project within your timeframe and budget. 

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